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What do you consider your biggest challenge as a credit professional?

In a recent poll, NCS asked credit professionals:  “What do you consider your biggest challenge as a credit professional?”

51% responded that their biggest challenge is to "Reduce DSO – improve cash flow and working capital."

How NCS can help: 64% of our clients witness a reduction in DSO by utilizing our services and those that do, report an average improvement in DSO of 20%, with some as high as 50%. Whether through mechanic's lien, bond claim or UCC filings, we offer proactive solutions to reduce DSO and improve cash flow and working capital.

16% placed "Working with sales" at the top of their list of challenges.

How NCS can help: We interact with not just your credit team, but also your sales, legal, financial, and operations teams. NCS is committed to ensuring your understanding of the processes and to help integrate them operationally. As a secured creditor, you will be able to increase credit limits and sell to marginal accounts, giving your sales team the ability to sell more.

16% reported "Implementing new systems/processes as their number one challenge.

How NCS can help: We offer our clients the ability to automate the file placement and update process for the Construction and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Services Groups. This method, called Electronic Data Integration (EDI), provides a fully programmatic integration between the client's internal information systems and NCS. This process allows our clients to reduce labor costs and improve operating efficiency.

14% consider "Staffing – training/new employees/restructured responsibilities" as their biggest challenge at this time.

How NCS can help: We have educated more than 90,000 credit professionals through our ongoing seminars, webinars, industry trade associations and various credit groups. We even provide customized training and education programs for our clients so you can get the most out of our products and services. We offer free public webinars [Click here for schedule] and a subscription based OnDemand webinar series [Click here to learn more].

3% polled chose "Other" as their biggest challenge as a credit professional.


What do you consider your biggest challenge as a credit professional? Email us with your challenge & we may feature you in our future postings!