We're Proud to Introduce Our NEW NCS Demand Letter Service!

The NCS Collection Services Group now offers a flat fee demand letter.

>>Take advantage of NCS letterhead to collect commercial claims.

>>Demand payment while notifying the debtor what action may be taken if payment is not received within a specified number of days.

>>Utilize a demand letter even when you have security, such as a UCC, a mechanic's lien, or a claim against a payment bond.

>>Give your customer one "last chance" to pay before placing a claim for collection. NCS stands ready to assist.

>>Submit a request quickly via your NCS portal. No Collection placement is required.

1. To submit a request, simply log in at www.ncscredit.com

2. Select "Service Request" under "Collection Services Group"

3. Select "NCS Demand Letter" under "Miscellaneous Services".

Additional Fees May Apply

Need access to an NCS Online Services Portal? Please call 800-826-5256 or click here to email to set up your portal.


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