NCS UCC Services Group - Tip #72: Know Your Debtor

You have your Security Agreement/Credit Application signed by your customer (the Debtor) and are ready to file your UCC-1. Before you file, make sure the customer’s legal name is listed on your Agreement.

NCS Construction Services Group - Tip #71: Use the Optional Notice in Louisiana to Your Advantage!

“How do I know when a notice of termination or substantial completion is filed?” This is one of the most frequent questions we receive regarding deadlines based upon completion. Luckily, in Louisiana you can take advantage of the Optional Notice available for private projects.

NCS Online Services - Tip #70: Make sure your web browser is compatible with the latest version of NCS Online Services

In line with our commitment to provide superior solutions, we are excited to announce that on August 1st, 2016, we will upgrade NCS Online Services.