NCS UCC Services Group - Tip #82 When should I file a Fixture Filing?

Unsure of when to use a UCC Fixture Filing? Having trouble defining a fixture?…

NCS Construction Services Group – Tip #81 Intricacies of the Florida Notice!

Although all notice deadlines are important, Florida is “special” since the notice must be received prior to or within 45 days from first furnishing materials or services. Or, if the notice is sent via Certified Mail and is postmarked within 40 days from first furnishing, receipt by the 45th day is not required.

NCS Online Services - Tip #80: New Filtered Search Option

Whether you use Collection Services, Construction Services, or UCC Services, NCS’s new filtered search bar is a robust search tool within Account Management.

NCS Collection Services Group - Tip #79: Consider Using a Customized Letter for Collection

If you are looking for a less aggressive collection tool, talk to us about our flat fee, customizable letter writing series. 

NCS Education & Resources – Tip #78: Mechanic's Lien Alert Gauge

Check out the NEW Mechanic's Lien Alert gauge!