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Infographic: LienFinder™ - The Newest Addition to Your Credit-Management-Arsenal

Before providing materials or labor to a project or signing a contract with your customer, you must have a comprehensive and complete construction credit picture. As a construction credit professional, you probably use various credit reporting tools when qualifying your customers; unfortunately, despite these tools, it is likely you are left with gaps in information.

What is the missing information? Where is the missing information?

County recording o­ffices can be a great resource for construction credit professionals everywhere. Think about the various documents that are recorded: Notices of Commencement, Notices of Completion, Mechanic’s Liens, Performance Bonds, etc. Now, think about how much information is contained within these documents.

Unfortunately, locating recorded documents can be incredibly complicated, extremely cumbersome and downright frustrating. After all, each county and state provides varying levels of information in a multitude of formats. Knowing which database to search, knowing how to search and searching e­fficiently is nearly impossible.

NCS understands the desperate need to fill these information gaps, as well as the need for the information to be easily accessible and in one central location. The industry leader in commercial collection, mechanic’s lien/bond claims and UCC filings, proudly presents LienFinder™.

LienFinder™ is an exclusive online database created & maintained by a company that understands the intricacies specific to the construction credit world: NCS

LienFinder™ captures commercial construction project data nationwide, from hundreds of recording offices daily. Search and review notices, mechanic’s liens, payment/performance bonds, leases, amendments, releases & agreements.

With LienFinder™ in your credit-management-arsenal, your questions will be answered!

  • “Has my customer been involved in a non-payment scenario resulting in the filing of a mechanic’s lien?”
  • “Is my customer taking steps to secure their own receivables?”
  • “Are there mechanic’s liens filed on projects we are bidding on or contracting for?”
  • “Who is in the ladder of supply?”
  • “Where can I find more information on this project?”
  • “Are my competitors using mechanic’s lien filings to manage non-payment?”

Interested in learning more about LienFinder™? Please take a few minutes to watch our demo video here or contact us directly!

Bank statements and credit reports provide dollars & cents. LienFinder™ provides insight.