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We have educated more than 500,000 credit professionals through NCS events, resources, and social media. We even provide customized training and education programs for our clients so they can get the most out of our products and services. We interact with not just your credit team, but also your legal, financial, sales and operations teams. It is our commitment to ensure your understanding of the processes and to help integrate them operationally. Here are some comments from those who have attended our programs:

"The seminar gave me a better understanding of the full lien and bond process. Excellent for any credit manager or collector." - Rebecca Leisher, Otis Elevator Co.

“The seminar was a learning experience. With the shape of the ever-changing economy I now have the knowledge and the new tools to apply if need be.” – Rebecca Fernandez, Fast Details, Inc.

"The seminar was most informative. I look forward to a representative contacting me to discuss how to prepare a UCC filing." – Kimberly Luberto, J. Supor & Son Trucking & Rigging Co. Inc.
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NCS offers comprehensive software solutions that can save you time and paperwork, which is crucial at a time when you are expected to do more with less. More than 35,000 credit professionals have used our publication resources.
Just a few years ago it was common for construction companies to track all notices and mechanic’s liens deadlines through a hand-written record system. Imagine using those antiquated methods, with possibly millions of receivable dollars at risk. The accounts receivable aging would be reviewed with great trepidation each month, for fear that critical filing deadlines had been missed.
Those days are gone, thanks to NCS’ specialized construction project management software system designed to track job progress and monitor filing deadlines, ensuring critical dates are never missed.
At a Glance:
  • LienFinder™ is an exclusive online database that captures construction project data nationwide, from hundreds of recording offices daily. Search and review notices, mechanic’s liens, payment/performance bonds, leases, amendments, releases & agreements.
  • The National Lien Digest© is an easy-to-use guide to mechanic’s lien laws in the U.S. and Canada. It provides all the necessary time and information requirements to serve a notice, file a mechanic’s lien or bond claim or file suit anywhere in North America.
  • LienTracker® NTO is an exclusive deadline date-based tracking software with more than 1800 date calculations and Notice to Owner templates.
  • LienDirect Online is an exclusive web-based lien deadline date tracking system.
  • OnDemand Webinars are available for an annual subscription fee. Construction Services Group Webinars and UCC Services Group Webinars can be purchased as separate sets or they may be bundled together for a complete set.


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