Demand Letter Service

Your Customer’s Final Notice to Make Payment

If your customer has not paid you for your services, rather than immediately filing a mechanic’s lien or proceeding with suit, send a demand letter, also known as a collection letter. A demand letter can be served at any time, even if you have not served a preliminary notice. A demand letter is your customer’s final opportunity to remit payment before you take legal steps for effective financial recovery.
Demand letters can expedite payment, maintain your control of the collection process, and save you money.

Expedites Payment

A demand letter that is prepared and served by one of our attorneys is more likely to accelerate payment and improve DSO.

Provides for Creditor Action

The creditor retains control of the collection process rather than waiting for statutory deadlines.

Saves Money

Prompt demand letter payment reduces mechanic’s lien and suit filing costs.
If you still have not received payment after serving a demand letter, we will take more immediate action with our Mechanic’s Lien and Bond Claim Receivables Program



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