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In today’s economy, protecting your receivables is more important than ever. Construction credit carries an inordinate amount of risk. One of the most critical issues faced is justifying the credit lines necessary to enter into a contract or accept a purchase order for a given project. The best way to justify these large credit lines is by consistently filing preliminary notices, mechanic’s liens and/or bond claims as outlined by each state’s statutes. These Mechanic’s/Materialman’s Lien and Bond Claim Statutes were created to protect the owners of construction projects and to make sure all material and labor suppliers receive the moneys due.
Our Construction Services Group ensures companies have the security they need to minimize risk and get paid through the preparation, serving and filing of preliminary notices, mechanic’s liens or bond claims through an established national attorney network. All clients need to do is provide basic project information. We will review and evaluate it, assess furnishing dates, and can retain legal counsel local to your project. NCS also provides account access through a secure, online web portal that can be accessed 24/7.
Our experience shows that more than 98 percent of the time, when a notice and a mechanic’s lien are filed as part of a complete process through our office, our client gets paid. Less than 2 percent ever go to suit.
In addition, NCS offers sophisticated web-based software as an invaluable resource to improve operational efficiency by facilitating the gathering of job information needed to protect your rights. These cost-saving software solutions help you ensure critical deadlines are never missed – securing your receivables in a fragile economy.

At a Glance:
  • An industry leader specializing in credit solutions for businesses supplying products and services to the construction industry.
  • Prepares, serves and files preliminary notices, liens and bond claims through an in-house program or through established attorney network for flat fees.
  • Secure online services and reporting that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.


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