Commercial Collection Agency Association Releases Fourth Quarter Account Placement Report

Fourth Quarter 2012 Account Placement
A comparison between the fourth quarter of 2012 and the third quarter of 2012 reveals a small decrease in the number of accounts placed for collection by 3.94%, but a significant increase in the dollars placed for collection by 35.6%. The average size account increased by about 24%.

The fourth quarter demonstrated less accounts placed for collection with members, but the dollar amount placed increased significantly.

When the fourth quarter of 2012 is compared to the fourth quarter of 2011, it reveals an increase of 4.29% in the numbers of accounts placed and an increase of 6.48% in the dollars placed for collection. The average size account increased slightly by 2.10%.

The twelve month moving average – twelve months ending December 2012 versus twelve month ending December 2011 – shows a minimal .17% increase in the number of accounts placed and a slightly higher increase of 1.09% in dollars placed for collection.

2012 Performance Compared to Previous Years

Based on the information below, the number and dollars of accounts placed has decreased significantly since 2010 and remained about the same in 2011 and 2012.

Number of accounts placed
2010: 7,800,720
2011: 6,277,325
2012: 6,288,092

Dollar amount of accounts placed (in millions)
2010: 14,729
2011: 12,479
2012: 12,616

(Source: Commercial Collection Agency Association, Commercial Law League of America)


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