21 Facts and Features of New Jersey Lien and Bond Claim Rights

New Jersey Construction Lien, Bond Claim & Municipal Mechanic’s Lien

There are 21 counties in New Jersey, so it seems logical to provide you with 21 important facts and features of lien and bond claim rights in the state of New Jersey. Let’s get started!

Private Projects = Construction Lien

Memo Field of Check and Priority of UCC Filing

Who Knew the Memo Field of a Check Could Impact the Priority of a UCC Filing?

Flipbook: UCCs and Consignment

If you allow customers to possess goods under a consignment agreement, prior to the actual sale, you are at a risk of losing your rights to those goods!

Click here to download the flipbook & learn more

Notices of Non-Payment in the Great State of Texas

Mechanic’s Liens 101: Notices of Non-Payment in the Great State of Texas

Cash Flow is Critical

Cash Flow is Critical -- Of Course!

Infographic: Protect Your PMSI

Infographic: Protect Your Purchase Money Security Interest in Goods
Check out this infographic to learn more about how you can protect your goods through a PMSI filing!

3 in 3 Utilize the PMSI UCC to Get Paid

3-in-3: Utilize the PMSI UCC to Get Paid

3-in-3 is a 3 question, 3 minute interview with an NCS colleague.
Today’s 3-in-3 features Amy Poje, Collections and Construction Services Manager. Read this post to learn more about how you can utilize the PMSI UCC to get paid.

My customer has defaulted; I filed a PMSI, what should I do?

Payment Bonds are the Best Kept Secret

In Alberta, the Existence of a Payment Bond Could Be the Best Kept Secret

Infographic: NC Notice to Lien Agent

Infographic: North Carolina Notice to Lien Agent

North Carolina had a “hidden lien” problem with construction projects. The mechanic’s liens weren’t hiding under bushes or behind trees, but rather hiding from future property buyers and lending companies. Check out this infographic to learn more!

Filing a Mechanics Lien in Arizona

If you are furnishing to a private project in Arizona, read this post to learn five things you should know to secure your right to payment.

Five Things You Should Know when Securing Lien Rights in Arizona