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Simplify the many demands to protect your receivables in today’s economy by partnering with NCS.

Since 1970 NCS has been the industry leader throughout the U.S. and Canada in collections, mechanic’s lien laws and UCC filings. We offer proactive solutions to secure your receivables, minimize credit risk and improve profitability.


Contact us today to find out how we can help secure your tomorrow. The many benefits of a partnership with NCS can include:
  • A National Provider: Relieves your need for multiple service providers.
  • Flat Fees: Stop your guessing. Know your costs up front.
  • An Established Attorney Network: Provides access to local, highly-specialized, construction attorneys.
  • Project Status Tracking: Diminishes your risk of a missed critical deadline date.
  • Information Review: Minimizes your potential for incorrect filing information.
  • Immediate Attorney Referral: Reduces your last minute losses.
  • Online Service Option: Secure online portal provides 24/7 access to save time and paperwork.
  • Customized Programs to Fit Your Needs: Notice program based on your project information and project value.


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NCS works to provide you and all our clients with the most resourceful products and customer satisfaction. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is committed to delivering exemplary service and support. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.

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